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CJSC Atoll Holding generates values by making goods and providing services that deserve the highest rate of reliability, and thus contributing to the social and economic growth of the Ukrainian society.

To influence the formation of new standards and values of the Ukrainian society through introducing new business standards and social responsibility by having CJSC Atoll Holding operate successfully.
Our business relies on the basic values as follows:
Responsibility – We are responsible to customers for the quality of products and services provided and to shareholders for our performance and to business partners and colleagues for the proper compliance with our obligations and to society for respecting individual rights and freedoms and for contributing to the socio-economic growth of Ukraine.
Corporate equity – We endeavor to follow the principle of corporate equity, i.e. adequacy between each employee's contribution into the company growth and the remuneration. We are aware that in the long term, this will allow us to achieve high efficiency and suit the interests of customers, shareholders, business partners and colleagues to the greatest extent. 
 • Innovations – We refer to innovations as investments in novelties being the result of practical adaptation of a new process, product, or service. Our aim is to be innovative and find new and more efficient solutions.
Aspiration to improvement – In making an effective assessment of the prospects and potential of projects we always aspire to achieving more. We hold responsibility for our decisions and actions; we are not afraid of learning from our mistakes and view them as a source of complementary knowledge. 
 • Professionalism – We direct all our expertise and skills at achieving the highest results; we aim at taking a reasonable and consistent approach to decision-making and at meeting deadlines. We allow the employees with Atoll Holding to fulfill their potential in collective and individual work, allowing for personal and professional growth of each.
Respect for people – We build up relationships within Atoll Holding as well as with customers, partners and competitors on the basis of mutual respect and recognition of the right to an individual viewpoint. We use our best efforts to create an air of mutual trust.


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