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Atoll Holding Group of Companies has been successfully operating on the Ukrainian market forover twentyyears.

Major milestones of the development of Atoll holding Group of Companies:



Sales of automobiles of VAZ, GAZ, UAZ and PAZ brands

1995-1997 Autotrading Joint Venture, Kia Motors Ukraine Ltd.

Market leader on sales of Russian-made cars (25% of the official new cars market in Ukraine); emergence of the Autotrading network in regions of Ukraine.
In 1996 Autotrading Joint Venture became the first authorised dealer of KIA brand in Ukraine.

Autotrading Joint Venture

Transition to a new level. Acquiring importers rights for Skoda brand. Sales and servicing of Russian-made cars.

1999-2000 Autotrading Ukraine CJSC, Prague Auto CJSC, Lada Ukraine CJSC, MT Consulting CJSC

Expansion of brand portfolio, growing specialization of companies. Sales and servicing of Russian-made cars and Skoda brand cars. Re-formatting of business by areas of specialization.
06.12.2000 Creation of Atoll Holding Closed Joint Stock Company
2001 Launch of Eurocar plant

Manufacture of Skoda brand cars.

Eurocar CJSC, Autotrading-Invest CJSC

Manufacture and sales of Skoda brand cars and other brands of VW Group. Specialization of the areas of activity and search for innovative projects.


Formation of Atoll Holding Group of Companies

Intensive development of all Groups companies, their increased share of and consolidated position on the market. Atoll Holding Group of Companies has developed the investment concept and leadership strategy in the main areas of its activity.


Formation of sectoral sub-holdings in the main areas of activity: automobile, investment and construction, tourism and recreation, development.

In 2008 the Eurocar plant produces the 100,000th Skoda car.

Atoll Holding Group of Companies gets the right to represent Harley-Davidson brand in Ukraine.

Atoll Holding Group of Companies develops a corporate dealer chain under the brand of Autotrading.


American Legend LTD. /Harley-Davidson Kyiv.

Atoll Holding group of Companies launches the first official Harley-Davidson Europe LTD. dealer in Ukraine - Harley-Davidson Kyiv.

2011-2020 Currently Atoll Holding group of Companies includes more than 40 enterprises in 5 main areas of activity:
  • automobile (manufacturing, distribution and dealer chain development),
  • investment and construction (construction of manufacturing facilities, auto centers, industrial and trade and service centers, etc.),
  • tourism and recreation,
  • development.
    • IT.

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