Tourism and recreation

The tourism direction of Atoll Holding Group of Companies activity is represented by the following companies:

رزر Close Corporation
رزر CC was founded in 2007 for the development of commercial real estate objects in the field of tourism. Today the company is working on the implementation of the project of an all-season resort confirming to the highest world standards on Polonyna Runa mountain (Zakarpatye region). The uniqueness of this project is not only in its large scale, social character and innovative approach. Creating such world standards resort, رزر expands the boundaries of classical development business and promotes the development of tourism industry in Ukraine.
• working out the concepts for real estate projects
• investment projects management
• preparing project and licensing documentation
• object construction management
• legal support of the projects
• investment analysis of the projects
• project marketing
Principles of work:
• professional approach to project implementation
• quality level of services offered and adherence to the world standards
• using innovations in the solutions of development problems
• responsibility before the clients and trust relations with the partners
• improvement of working technologies on the basis of scientific labor management
1.     New – systematic kind of development – includes complex implementation of unique mega project with its division into subprojects up to separate objects:
•Unique large-scale all-season resort
•Dividing the territory of the project into 8 independent and at the same time interrelated centers.
•Implementation in each of these 8 centers of separate projects, including:
•dwelling houses development
•land development
•commercial premises development
•tourist objects development
•infrastructure development
2.  Reclamation of untouched territories favors comprehensive implementation of our ideas, without limiting them by already existing objects (Greenfield).
• decreasing investment risks as a result of most efficient usage of innovations
• creating special quality product at all levels of the project implementation
• consumer formation for out clients within the implementation of projects
• increasing assets capitalization on the basis of new ideas
• investment projects development from idea to implementation

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