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Atoll Holding Group of Companies has been successfully operating in Ukraine for over 20 years as one of the leading players on the Ukrainian automobile market. 


Main divisions of the automobile sector of PrJSC Atoll Holding are:
- PrJSC Eurocar, an official manufacturer of the VW Group brand vehicles (Skoda, Volkswagen and Seat) in Ukraine;
- Eurocar Ltd., an official supplier of the Skoda brand vehicles in Ukraine;

The automobile sector of PrJSC Atoll Holding  also includes a retail network of affiliates which are responsible for selling the vehicles of Skoda, Seat, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Renault, Peugeot brands in the following cities: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Odesa, Lviv and Vinnitsa. In 2006 Eurocar Ltd. sold 18,125 vehicles of the Skoda brand; and PrJSC Formula Motor Ukraine sold 1,141 vehicles of the Seat brand.



Eurocar Ltd.

Eurocar Ltd. is an official supplier of Skoda vehicles in Ukraine.
The mission of the company is creating a dealer network at the European level and establishing fundamentally new quality standards. 

The goals of the company include providing quality services and full information to the customer from the moment the decision to buy a Skoda car is made and to the after-sales service in the territory of Ukraine. It also aims at creating such conditions for giving services so that every customer could feel real support and care.
Eurocar Ltd. provides its services via the branched dealer network which is certified by Skoda Auto a.s. and covers the whole territory of Ukraine.
The Skoda dealer network presents the maximum full range of services for buying a vehicle, repair parts and accessories as well as financial services (credit, leasing and insurance) and warranty and support services. Individual orders and different versions of tuning are offered for the most demanding clients. 


03062 Kyiv, 67 Pobedy Avenue
Tel. (044) 490-10-81





Eurocar PrJSC

PJSC Eurocar is situated in Uzhhorod district Carpathian region. The territory of the location of Eurocar plant borders with Slovakia and Hungary. Construction began on July 23, 2001, since then the company has been constantly implementing innovative and investment activity. On December 19, 2011 Eurocar celebrated the tenth anniversary of industrial activity since the technical commissioning of the plant in 2001. Total investment in the project Eurocar is 250 million USD.


Since the start of its activity Eurocar plant has been implementing a strategy of annual increases in production and expansion of product range. In May 2006 the second part of the project to produce cars was officially opened. This production, in which the assembly of cars carried on the conveyor line using a process similar to Skoda Auto a.s. In 2008 the third part of the project was launched. In September 2009 PJSC Eurocar completed construction of the building of welding and painting workshops.


On December 7, 2011 successful launch of the new paint and varnish production had place. Welding and painting was carried out on the equipment of such companies as Transsystem (Poland), Chropynska Strojirna (Czech Republic), EISENMANN (Germany). In the manufacturing process using the most modern approaches, European technology, high-robot systems, the system "vario shuttle", as well as high-tech geometric station AUDI Framer.


New capacity of Eurocar plant is full of  number of technological innovations, with the flexibility of the production process, in a unique for Ukraine's technical solutions. Current Eurocar plant produces a complete range of Skoda cars.






Ukraine, 89460
Zakarpatye region, Uzhgorod district,
Solomonovo village, 46 Pobedy Str.

Tel: +38 (044) 490-1071



Autocenter Kyiv Ltd.
The Autocenter Kyiv company was created in 2003.
Main areas of activity:
• Vehicles wholesale trade
• Selling vehicles of the Skoda brand
• After-sales service for the Volkswagen Group vehicles
• Certified maintenance station
• Selling repair parts
The Eurocar company, an official importer of Skoda in Ukraine, rewarded the first Skoda Autocenter with diplomas in the “Sales leader”, “After-sales Services Leader” and “For Loyalty to the Brand” nominations in 2003–2006. Over this time, more than 6,000 vehicles were sold and more than 100,000 applications serviced at the maintenance station.
Autocenter Kyiv Ltd. also took the leading position in the -100 and Gvardiya 500 ratings.
03 062 Kyiv, 67 Pobedy Avenue
Tel. (044) 494 37 90, 494 37 91




Auto-Kyiv Affiliate
Auto-Kyiv Affiliate was established by PrJSC Formula Motor Ukraine in 2003; it is the official dealer of the SEAT vehicles in Ukraine. Auto-Kyiv Affiliate takes the leading position in the sales of the SEAT vehicles in Ukraine. It is the only conceptual auto center in Kyiv which offers the whole range of services as for selling and maintaining the SEAT vehicles.
Main areas of activity:
• Vehicles wholesale trade
• Vehicles retail trade
• Intermediary activity in automobile trade
• Vehicle after-sales service and repair
• Selling automobile repair parts and accessories
• Manufacturing automobile equipment
03 062, Kyiv, 67 Pobedy Avenue
Sales center phone (044) 490 10 97
Maintenance station phone (044) 490 10 92














Eurocar Service Ltd.



Eurocar Service Ltd. is the official supplier of original spare parts and accessories of the Skoda brand in Ukraine.

The company's mission - the creation of fast, reliable supply chain of spare parts and accessories Skoda from the manufacturer to the customer.

Also the company's mission is to provide quality after-sales service and warranty Skoda cars across the territory of Ukraine; to create an environment of customer service that each felt the support and care for themselves. 

Eurocar Service Ltd. provides services through an extensive dealer network, which is certified by Skoda Auto as and covers the whole territory of Ukraine.

There is a full range of items of spare parts and accessories required for warranty service and maintenance in the Skoda dealer network.




Kyiv, Vernadskoho blvrd. 36 "V"
Tel.: (044) 490 10 78, 490 10 89



Autotrading-Kharkiv Affiliate


Autotrading-Kharkiv Affiliate was founded by PrJSC Atoll Holding in April 2002.
It is the official partner of SEAT.
Main areas of activity:
• Retail and wholesale trade of new and used vehicles;
• Passenger car and truck general overhaul;
• Maintenance service and repair of vehicles;
• Specialization - Skoda, Seat and Hyundai vehicles. 
The year 2007 was marked for the Autotrading-Kharkiv auto center by the increase in sales of the Skoda brand within the brand in the region by 59% and of the Seat brand by 81% correspondingly.
61145, Kharkiv, 188 Klochkovskaya Str.
Tel. (057) 760-14-91
Fax (057) 760-14-77  



Autotrading-Vinnitsa Affiliate
Autotrading-Vinnitsa Affiliate was founded by PrJSC Atoll Holding in April 2002.
It is the official partner of SEAT.
Main areas of activity:
• Selling the Skoda and Seat vehicles (both credit and leasing), repair parts, tuning and accessories
• Maintenance station services, mobile support on the road (Service Mobil)
21 029 Vinnitsa, 4 Mechnikova Str. (automobile sales center)

Tel./Fax (0432) 55-20-30


21 000 Vinnitsa, 28 Poryka Str. (maintenance station)
Tel./Fax (0432) 52-30-64, 52-30-74




Autotrading-Odesa Affiliate


Autotrading-Odesa Affiliate was founded by PrJSC Atoll Holding on April 15th 2002.
Currently Autotrading-Odesa Affiliate is one of
the biggest enterprises in selling and maintaining
vehicles in Odesa region. Its territory makes
4,000 square meters.
Main areas of activity:

Selling, warranty and post-warranty services of Skoda, Hyundai and Suzuki vehicles;

Original repair parts and accessories;
Whole range of services (credit and leasing).
65054, Odesa, 10/2 6th km of Ovidiopolskoy Road Str.
Tel./Fax: 8 048 734 36 60/61


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